About Us

We are Pam + Anna, the sisters of Live Free Canada.


Live Free Canada provides healthy, free-from, lifestyle inclusive recipes and resources. We have it all living within this supportive community. Live Free Canada is a place where you can feel inspired, understood, and of course – fed. We have a purpose as a health and wellness website to provide you with the resources and recipes to help you live as freely as possible.

Health & Wellness

We want to inspire you to find your WHY. What empowers you to live your life to the fullest and make you feel your most healthy and well. Listen to our stories, hear our advice, and share with us. Be on this journey and together, let’s live free.


Food and beverage is a huge passion of ours and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to share it with the world. We share food and beverage recipes to accommodate everyone. Keep up-to-date on our website and Instagram with our latest inclusive recipes!


The Living Free Blog gives you everything and more on resources in the community, the big and different world of food, everyday living, restaurant and product reviews, favourites, real talk, and more. Check out our Trusted Brands page to use a resource as well, brands we trust and know you’ll love!


We provide you with the lifestyle essentials you enjoy to help you live your best life. We want to inspire you so you can inspire us! Listen to The Living Free + Well Podcast to hear our exclusive conversations covering all life’s crazy topics.

Community First

We are here. We are making it our purpose to share everything for the community. Join our exclusive Facebook group today to get real-time LFC friends & support, exclusive offerings and first to know alerts.

Worldwide Inclusivity

Whether you or someone close to you has intolerances, celiac disease, anaphylaxis concerns, enjoy a plant based diet, a healthier or regular diet or anything else these crazy human bodies can find for us…LFC is for you. Just like us, food comes in all shapes and sizes. No more worry, only support.

The Live Free Sisters

“We started Live Free Canada for a strong and powerful purpose.”

We are two and half years apart and have always felt like twins (or at least got confused as twins). We are an ambitious, adventurous and rowdy duo. For us, food, beverage, and fitness has always had a big role in our home. We spent the majority of our lives thinking and breathing all things food, allergies and lifestyle changes. Both born with anaphylactic allergies and growing up with more and more issues we truly felt the impact food has not on just a life but living a happy life. We always knew we would have a purpose as a team. We created LFC because we wanted it to be seamless for people with dietary needs to have a community to come to when they need it. When we started our journey, it wasn’t easy. We are very lucky to have the most supportive plant-based gluten free chef (Our Mom) but we know that this is not always the case. Let us, let you Live Free. 

With great responsibility comes great power
We can admit to ourselves and as sisters that we are just human and can rise in situations as hard as we fall but we vow to you and Live Free Canada that we will always continue to educate ourselves, grow, find ways to inspire and keep on living our best lives.

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